The Trans-Seasonal Must Haves!

The Trans-Seasonal Must Haves!

These are the times of unpredictable weather. It's neither too cold, nor too hot. Winter wear is too warm but summer clothes are not warm enough! 

But this is also the time when you can rock the season by donning our unique range of apparel that are fit for any weather: The Trans-seasonal collection.

Listing down for you, these three of our garments are the absolute must haves! 

  1. Black Bamboo Cotton Dress: 
Bamboo Cotton Dress


This super cute and organic Bamboo Cotton Dress that comes with a hoodie and long sleeves is breathable, lightweight and can be worn very comfortably in this changing season. 

  1. Multicolor Cotton Printed T-shirt:

Cotton Printed T-shirt

Playfully bright and colorful, with a fabric that's eco-friendly and feather-light, this Cotton Printed T-shirt is an absolute gem for this weather. With three-quarter sleeves and a breathable fabric, it's perfectly Trans-seasonal.

  1. Modal Silk Wool Cashmere Scarf in Yellow:

Modal Silk Wool Cashmere Scarf

 Intricately hand embroidered on a stunning shade of yellow, this Modal Silk Wool Cashmere Scarf is the definition of versatility. Be it casual wear or formal wear, winter wear or summer wear, this is an accessory that will go with everything.

So, if you've been searching for some trendy clothes that could be worn in this dubious but beautiful weather, then look no further! Because BaliHai is where you'll find perfection.