BaliHai by Pashma Boutique Mill has evolved over fifteen years out of our desire to input innovation and creative design into every transformation process for textiles. It is capable of conceptualizing, designing, prototyping, manufacturing and supplying complete collections of fashion and lifestyle products. This rare competency has accrued a deep involvement and understanding of all transformation processes, from fibre to retail of branded luxury textile products.

We source single-origin finest fibres of cashmere, silk, linen, wool and cotton.

The mill was set-up to cater to the needs of Pashma-a world-class cashmere focused brand which besides being retailed at the most prestigious stores and boutiques across the world is the most prominent cashmere brand in the travel retail segment as it is retailed on about 25 airlines including British Airways, Alitalia, Cathay Pacific, Air France, Lufthansa to name a few.

Our mill maintains the highest ethical and environmental compliance to international and is certified with WRAP.

Our strict policy of controlling each process in-house and avoiding outsourcing, the mill is able to guarantee the highest standards of quality in its production.

Our mission
OUR MISSION Quality Beyond Excellence. We are committed to exceeding international standards through continuous re-examination and improvisation of related processes and procedures

Our products
We infuse into our products the cutting edge while retaining the essential art and craft of our rich cultural heritage

Our people
OUR PEOPLE We provide a safe and green environment-friendly, humane workplace for artisanal efforts in producing our products. We have zero-tolerance for the use of harmful chemical substance and abuse of human rights. We respect the dignity of every individual in the workplace and do not allow discrimination on the accounts of gender, religion, caste or colour.